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About our Test Facilities

We have Test facility that is fully automated, most powerful and comprehensive to test Hydraulic Pump, Motors and Valves are per working parameters of OEM. The test rig is based on German design provided by Sauer Danfoss and is versatile Test Rig Design allows us to test any kind of Hydraulic Pump or Motor with different controls as available today in market.

With over 140 bhp driven power, our Test Rig is equipped to test Open and close loop hydrostatic transmission Pumps and Motors with sizes ranging upto 250 cc/rev and pressure upto 400 bars. The Test rig has all electronic controls and measurement systems in place and uses Electronic turbine Flow meters (0-150 LPM & 0-600l LPM), pressure meters (0-100 Bars & 0-600 bars) & revolution counters for enhance accuracy.

As regard to controls for Pump and motor, they are set to customer or machine manufacturer specification regardless of complexity. Control types can include; electrical proportional control, power regulation, load sensing, pressure and flow compensation, torque control and speed regulators. Be it open, closed or semi-closed submersible circuit we have the facility to do this. We also have test facility for test Sauer Danfoss PVG Valves and Orbital valves (Steering Units).

Our facility where final assembly of Pumps and Motor takes is kept dust free to avoid any contamination free. We also have all necessary support equipment such as Pressurized Cleaning system, Hydraulic Press, Torque Wrenches & Special Mounting Jig etc.

We also have tie-up arrangement for Repair of Servo-Valves & Proportional Valves of Moog, Rexroth & Parker make. We also pay attention to attention in upkeep of our equipment, calibration of gauges and up gradation to ensure consistent results.

We would like to assure our esteemed customers of Quality of repairs, Timely delivery and with-in budget and fully understand the pressure when equipment is down!